You would think that in a state where your ObamaCare exchange has gotten off to a rocky start, lawmakers would want oversight on as much of the process as possible. If for no other reason that to protect taxpayers and the money legislators are spending on the boondoggle.

Democrats in Colorado disagree with that idea.

From the good folks at Revealing Politics:

Rep. Jon Keyser (R-Morrison) brought forth a bill in Colorado to provide legislative oversight to the bonuses granted to executives at the Colorado Obamacare exchange, Connect for Health Colorado. In the last two years alone, a handful of high-level employees received $200,000 in performance bonuses despite a program riddled with glitches, cancellations, and long wait times.

Keyser’s bill would have provided “transparency and accountability to the Obamacare exchange bonuses.” Democrats would have none of that, killing it on a party-line vote.

Connect for Health Colorado is the same exchange that’s multi-million dollar state of the art IT system is plagued by errors that keep some people from even being able to register for coverage at all. These problems may take millions of dollars to fix.

But Colorado Democrats think taxpayers should reward the administrators of this failed system with six-figure “performance bonuses,” and that no real oversight is needed for this problem plagued system.

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