More than 492,000 non-disabled Ohioans are now enrolled for government health care under ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.

A total of 234,507 Ohioans have selected a private insurance policy through the federally run Obamacare exchange at, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported Wednesday. As of January, enrollment in Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion was 492,121. For every Ohioan choosing an Obamacare exchange plan, two have enrolled in the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

Governor John Kasich, a Republican, has said he does not support ObamaCare and believes it needs to be repealed. Kasich told the Wall Street Journal, “I do not support Obamacare and I never have.” However, he also said, “I don’t see how supporting Medicaid is the same as supporting Obamacare.”

UO_Ohio-23The two are one in the same Governor Kasich. In fact, the Obama administration originally predicted that as many as three quarters of the newly covered under ObamaCare would come from Medicaid expansion.  This new entitlement class, created by the President’s health care law is deemed a success by this Administration.

President Ronald Reagan once said, “We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added”,  and in 2009, while speaking to a group of Senate Democrats, newly elected President Obama seemed to agree that Medicaid was not only expensive and inefficient, but also created many of the wrong incentives. He called the Medicaid system “broken.”

“We can’t simply put more people into a broken system that doesn’t work.”

But fast-forward to December 2014.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services called the 9.7 million Americans enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program a “milestone achievement.” In fact, ObamaCare’s enrollment numbers are being fueled by this expanded entitlement class.

Obamacare is turning into basically a Medicaid expansion, Heritage Foundation senior research fellow Ed Haislmaier told Watchdog in a phone interview. “There are people who actually think that’s a good thing, of course, including the people running HHS.” In October, Haislmaier coauthored a Heritage report showing 71 percent of Obamacare‚ health insurance coverage gains through the first half of the year resulted from Medicaid expansion.

If all 50 states had expanded Medicaid as originally intended under ObamaCare, it would have ushered in as many as 17 million able-bodied, working age, (mostly childless) adults into one of America’s least effective government programs. As Matt Mayer, president of free-market think tank Opportunity Ohio, said in a statement to Ohio Watchdog, “these figures undermine any claim by John Kasich that he did not support Obamacare, as two times as many people enrolled in his Medicaid expansion as in the exchange.”

President Obama couldn’t be any happier about the massive expansion of welfare under Governor Kasich, citing him as an example for other governors to follow saying,

“I want to thank all the governors, Democrats and Republicans, supporters and some opponents of the ACA who have expanded Medicaid to millions of people over the past two years.”

It matters none to President Obama that Kasich’s plan is already 33 percent over budget in just its first year. It also apparently no longer matters to President Obama that the most vulnerable are being harmed as more people are thrown into (in his words) a broken system.

With increasing enrollment, and lower federal reimbursement rates, Kasich has burdened the Buckeye State with a budgetary dead weight that will be difficult to shed.

Governor Kasich is being used by the President as an example for other governors to follow, and that should be your first indication that ObamaCare is alive and well in the Buckeye State – whether Kasich wants to admit it or not.

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