Thanks to Colorado’s decision to embrace ObamaCare, taxpayers are about to get hit with a huge bill.

A multi-million dollar IT system that Colorado officials promised would make signing up for health coverage simple has instead snagged thousands of customers and now will cost several hundred thousand dollars — if not millions — to fix.

Colorado isn’t the first state to have serious IT errors with their ObamaCare sign-up system. Oregon blew more than $300 million dollars on their failed state ObamaCare exchange and Massachusetts may top $1 billion to fix their disastrous system and pay for their Medicaid expansion.

Colorado has already spent millions on “Connect for Health Colorado,” a system that still has problems enrolling their citizens for coverage.

Connect for Health Interim CEO Gary Drews revealed to board members in a committee meeting on Thursday that at least 2,300 people still can’t get through the system to determine if they qualify for publicly-funded insurance through Medicaid or tax credits to help pay for private insurance. About 2,500 others had also been “caught in this process,” Drews said. It’s unclear how many customers are getting stuck — perhaps as many as one in five.

Drews sent a note to the exchange’s partners acknowledging that there where “more than two dozen ‘known and reported issues,'” with the Connect system. An additional $1.8 million in cost overruns for the next year may be needed to “pay for better coordination and IT integration,” with those partners.

Eric Grossman, a board member of the Connect system, asked “How long does this go and can we afford it?”

That’s a good question and one that should have been asked before embarking on the boondoggle that is ObamaCare’s “Connect for Health Colorado.”

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