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90,000 Policies at Risk of Being Canceled in Nevada

May 7th, 2014 / Kristina Ribali / 0 comments

U.S. Senator Harry Reid has been one of ObamaCare’s biggest proponents. He has been a key cheerleader for the Obama Administration, playing up how great the law is and how those who criticize it are terrible, perhaps even anti-American. Perhaps what Harry Reid didn’t realize was that his vote to pass ObamaCare would cost 90,000 of his constituents to lose there health care coverage. Way to represent the interests of your people, Harry.

Changes to the insurance market, brought upon by ObamaCare, have been devastating to small businesses in America and Reid’s home state.

The changes put as many as 90,000 policies across Nevada at risk of cancellation or nonrenewal this fall, said Las Vegas insurance broker William Wright, president of Chamber Insurance and Benefits. That’s more than three times the 25,000 enrollees affected in October, when Obamacare-compliant plans first hit the market.

That’s 90,000 families that may be left without health coverage because of the law that their Senator so vociferously supports.

And it’s not going to be the Democrats’ favorite trial lawyers, casino owners or clean energy executives who are going to be without insurance. It’s the little guy, the average Nevada citizen who Reid claims to represent.

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ObamaCare Kills Affordable Insurance Plans for New Jersey Children

April 7th, 2014 / Kristina Ribali / 0 comments

Thanks to ObamaCare, 1800 families lost their health insurance in New Jersey. Yep, the law that was meant to provide insurance for everyone, killed an insurance plan in New Jersey that supplied quality insurance for middle-class kids. The program, FamilyCare Advantage, covered children in families that earned too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to buy a health insurance policy on their own.

This middle-class gap is one of the demographics often left behind by Washington. With ObamaCare it’s no different.

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Losing coverage for first time in decades thanks to ObamaCare

January 14th, 2014 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

CNN Money profiles Jim Brumfield who, thanks to ObamaCare, has lost the health insurance plan he liked. New plans are too expensive and he doesn’t want to buy an exchange plan because he is self-employed and his income fluctuates. It might sound crazy to go without insurance.  But for Jim he could end up owing the […]

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ObamaCare in California

January 7th, 2014 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

ObamaCare signups in California vs canceled plans

The media’s is touting the 2.1 million people who’ve signed up for ObamaCare (not paid a premium just signed up).  This doesn’t tell the whole story.  In California, 430,000 people have signed up for ObamaCare. Sounds good until you total the 1,087,169 private health insurances plans that were canceled. In California unlike most states, there […]

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Affordable Bronze plans not an option for many Americans

December 28th, 2013 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

Many American’s forced to sign up for ObamaCare on the federal exchange experience sticker shock at the prices they saw.  By the government’s own standard of “affordability”, more than 50% of counties covered by the federal exchange do not provide affordable Bronze level health insurance plans. Read the full story here

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783 ObamaCare enrollees in Delaware

December 21st, 2013 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

Joe Biden ObamaCare

Even in Vice President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware they are not seeing success with ObamaCare.  In the entire state only 793 people have joined through the exchange while 12,000 individuals have had their plans canceled. Read the full story

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She would have voted for Romney

December 17th, 2013 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

The New York Times investigates the thousands of self employed New Yorkers who have had their health insurance cancelled, including many with plans superior to those offered on the New York ObamaCare exchange.  Higher costs and few doctor and health care network options are the new reality for most of these professionals.  Many, including Barbara […]

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Gave up on ObamaCare

December 16th, 2013 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

Gave up on ObamaCare

Last week the Washington Post reported a troubling story about John Gisler.  Mr. Gisler has been trying since Oct. 1 to buy insurance for his son who is critically ill. “After three months and more than 50 phone calls, John Gisler gave up on buying coverage through” Instead he has given up his son […]

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Another Unhappy Ending to an ObamaCare “Success Story”

November 19th, 2013 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

Unhappy ending for ObamaCare success story

You know it’s bad when even the people highlight by President Obama as ObamaCare success stories feel “screwed”. A Politico report today follows up with Jessica Standford who was touted by Obama in October as a successful sign up of the Washington state exchange. Turns out, the exchange miscalculated her tax credit eligibility, increasing the […]

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5 Brain Tumors and Losing Insurance

November 15th, 2013 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

Gloria Cantor loses her insurance while fighting cancer

Gloria Cantor has been fighting cancer and was devistated to get a cancellation from Florida Blue her health insurance provider.  Now she has to find new insurance or wait and see if her plan with be renewed.  While fighting five brain tumors, Gloria and her husband have to worry if they can keep their doctors. […]

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