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Seven Myths about King v. Burwell

April 2nd, 2015 / FGAStaff / 0 comments

By Michael F. Cannon This article appeared on on November 10, 2014 and the Cato Institute. The Supreme Court has granted cert. in King v. Burwell, one of four cases challenging the IRS’s ongoing expansion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s main taxing and spending provisions beyond the clear and unambiguous limits imposed by Congress. […]

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FGA Poll: Voters Want Congress, Not States to Fix ObamaCare

March 26th, 2015 / Kristina Ribali / 0 comments

The Supreme Court will issue a ruling in the landmark King v. Burwell case in the next several months and depending upon where the court lands, it could create drastic problems for the federal ObamaCare exchange.

As the FGA’s own Josh Archambault has explained before, if the Supreme Court justices rule that subsides given to the federal exchange enrollees where “illegal,” and that “the IRS should never have given them out” in the first place, that means the federal subsidies would disappear.

That could have a huge impact in the 34 states that do not have their own exchange.

A new poll by the Foundation for Government Accountability finds that voters in those states that rely on the federal health care exchange think that instead of setting up their own state exchange, Congress needs to clean up the ObamaCare mess they created.

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Exclusive: Congressman Paul Ryan Warns Against Setting Up State Exchanges

March 20th, 2015 / Kristina Ribali / 0 comments

The Foundation for Government Accountability was honored to host Congressman Paul Ryan for a conference call yesterday to discuss the possible implications of the King v. Burwell decision, and why states shouldn’t fall into the ObamaCare state exchange trap. More governors and legislators may feel pressured into a state exchange if a major challenge to the law upends the federal subsidies, and they need to have a plan.

Washington created ObamaCare and while states have some control over whether or not they expand parts of it such as Medicaid, or whether or not they set up an exchange, since Congress passed this law and imposed it on the states, they should made to deal with the fallout.

On our conference call Congressman Paul Ryan described ObamaCare in the simplest of terms, “This is a terrible law. This law will not last.” In fact it may not last past this June when the Supreme Court will rule on King v. Burwell, a case challenging the legality of the federal health care exchange subsidies.

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