Yesterday, on an “official White House Twitter account,” Jesse Lee began tweeting out and touting the latest ObamaCare enrollment numbers. To take a look at his timeline, you’d think ObamaCare was a success, but look again.

A quick back of the napkin calculation shows that in many states the number of cancelations is almost just as high, or higher than the new enrollment. And in many states where Lee was claiming success, the state has not published cancelation numbers, so we’re still unsure as to how many new enrollees are actually new.

As of now, overall cancelations are at a minimum, 4.7 million. Numbers will trickle in from states in the next few months that will surely make this total skyrocket.

Here are some highlighted numbers, for the complete breakdown, head here.

California canceled: 1,100,00
Colorado canceled: 326,590
Georgia canceled: 400,000
Kentucky: 130,000
Michigan: 225,000
Minnesota: 140,000
North Carolina: 183,800
Pennsylvania: 250,000

All tolled that is more than 4.7 million cancelations. That’s 4.7 million Americans who had their insurance plan canceled because of ObamaCare. That’s 4.7 million Americans who were left without the health care providers and access they had come to rely upon. That’s the families of 4.7 million Americans who have to figure out how to care for their loved ones, how to get new health care coverage, how much of a hit to their pocketbook it will be, and if their current doctors are even in their new network.

The White House claims eight million are benefitting from ObamaCare. Hardly. If anything, roughly 3.5 million new Americans are now “covered,” although many aren’t paying, and those who are, have plans that don’t meet their needs and they can’t afford.  So basically, the White House sits on a throne of lies. 

The individual stories here are heartbreaking.

Sixty-four year old Dean Griffin, who lives just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has had a health insurance plan for himself and his wife for the last three years, one that he likes, and one that he thought he would be able to keep even after the Affordable Care Act went into effect. After all, “If you like your plan you can keep it.” Unfortunately for Mr. Griffin, and the rest of the 250,000 Pennsylvanians who lost their insurance, the reality is much worse.

Because his plan didn’t meet the stringent requirements of the new health care law, Mr. Griffin and his wife lost their plan, a plan they only paid $770 per month for, a plan that came with a $2,500 deductible. Their insurance options under ObamaCare are not so generous.

The cheapest plan they found on their state insurance exchange was a so-called bronze plan charging a $1,275 monthly premium with deductibles totaling $12,700. It covers only providers in Pennsylvania, so the couple, who live near Delaware, won’t be able to see doctors they’ve used for more than a decade.

“We’re buying insurance that we will never use and can’t possibly ever benefit from. We’re basically passing on a benefit to other people who are not otherwise able to buy basic insurance,” said Griffin, who is retired from running an information technology company.

Because of ObamaCare, the Griffin’s will lose access to the physicians they have come to rely upon for more than a decade. Health care providers who have a history with this family, something that is important as Dean and his wife become senior citizens.

As we’ve covered before, employees of small businesses may be hit the hardest. Austin, Texas resident Ken Davis who manages a fast food restaurant is facing a large hike in his health care costs because of ObamaCare. His business’s policy was canceled because it did not meet the same requirements that also canceled the Griffin’s plan.

Mr. Davis now has to use an ObamaCare exchange plan to cover himself and his 8-year-old son. This new plan means he will have to find an additional $600 in his already tight monthly budget just to be covered under the ObamaCare mandate. Mr. Davis said he feels, “like they’re forcing me to do something that I don’t want to do or need to do,” a sentiment likely shared by many Americans hit with this new reality.

The problem that the Griffin and Davis families face, along with the 4.7 million plus Americans who share this same fate is that their options now are pretty slim.

They can stay in the same plan for the same price for one more year if they have one of the few plans that were grandfathered in. They can buy a similar plan with upgraded benefits that meets the new standards — likely at a significant cost increase. Or, if they make less than $45,960 for a single adult or $94,200 for a family of four, they may qualify for subsidies.

The more we learn about ObamaCare: it’s denial of access to care for children in Washington State, the undue burden it is placing on many of the working poor and the more than 4.7 million people who have lost their coverage because of this law, we continue to see that ObamaCare is hurting, not helping Americans.


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