Earlier today, FGA Action released the results of eight different polls focusing on Medicaid expansion in key Republican held Montana House districts.   According to the press release, a majority of the voters in these districts were concerned with the overall budget impact expanding Medicaid would have on their state.

From the press release:

A majority of the voters polled expressed concern that expanding Medicaid in Montana could endanger state funding to education, public safety, and other health care programs. In House District 93, for example, 78 percent of all voters said these potential cuts to state priorities make them less likely to support Medicaid expansion.

Montana is one of several states where hospital lobbyists have recently increased their pressure on lawmakers to expand Medicaid.  They’re hoping to convince Republicans that the Medicaid money from the federal government is too good of a deal to pass up.  But the polling suggests that legislators who choose to take the expansion funds could face an uphill battle come election time.

The full pro-ObamaCare lobby is targeting the Montana legislature to expand Medicaid. FGA Action is making sure the voice of the voter is heard. They’re sending a very clear message that they don’t want Montana to become another ObamaCare state, and they will take action at the ballot box if their legislators side against them,” FGA Action CEO Tarren Bragdon said.

In fact, in House District 71, currently represented by Ray Shaw, an astounding 85 percent of those polled said they would be less likely to re-elect their legislator if they voted to to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare.  FGA Action has made each individual poll available by district: HD7, HD20, HD23, HD27, HD39, HD40, HD71, HD93.

Whether or not Montana lawmakers choose to expand Medicaid this session remains to be seen, but these polls show that voters in Big Sky Country are skeptical at best about the benefits of expanding ObamaCare in their state.  Will legislators listen to their constituents or the big money hospital lobbyists?

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