They’ve lost their husband, and now they’re losing their insurance.

More than twenty-four widows of retired employees in Madison County, Alabama lost their insurance coverage because of ObamaCare.


The County Commissioner acknowledged that he didn’t realize just how much of an impact ObamaCare would have on the county’s insurance plan and certainly didn’t think it would yank away health coverage from the widows of former county employees. These are women who are likely living on very meager budgets. To take away their health insurance is a devastating blow.

“A lot of these people are on fixed incomes, low fixed incomes. Some of them are living on Social Security and very little else and health insurance is very important to them,” says the county commissioner.

The county was forced to change their program because new ObamaCare regulations would amount to an additional $25 million per year in costs for the county. Money, as you can imagine, the county doesn’t just have lying around.

Madison County was forced to take drastic steps and their new insurance network, which 50 other county governments in Alabama had also joined, does not provide similar coverage.

“In joining with this large group, it does not provide for spouses when their husbands die or their wives die,” said Strong. “So that’s where we are, how do we do this.”

The county commissioners are reviewing their options in hopes that they can find a way to reinstate these innocent widows on their new plan. So far, the chances are slim.

As we’ve previously addressed, ObamaCare was meant to help the poor, but has failed. It was meant to help those without insurance, but most of those on the exchanges previously had insurance, some of whom were dropped from those plans because of the onerous new regulations from ObamaCare, much like these widows.

More “unintended consequences” from central planners planning lives for people they’ve never met.

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