The Supreme Court is getting ready to hand down the biggest ObamaCare decision since its original case five years ago. If the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell win, it could upset the entire exchange system and nullify the IRS subsidies for enrollees. A new poll taken by FGA finds that even Democrats enrolled in ObamaCare plans want serious changes.

In fact, 82% of split-ticket voters, 79% of Republicans, and 68% of Democrats on the federal exchange support changes to ObamaCare that help everyone, not just those on the federal health care exchange.

“Those that have experienced ObamaCare using first hand are calling for major changes, not only for themselves but for all Americans,” said FGA CEO Tarren Bragdon.

What does that mean in terms of policy and the impact on voting? The sample in the poll leans Democrat, and a majority support ObamaCare overall, but while 47% voted for Obama, just 35% say they will vote for a Democrat in 2016.

President Obama has said that if the Court strikes down ObamaCare’s federal subsidies based upon the crucial phrase that exchanges must be “established by the state,” all Congress needs to do is add four little words to the law, “or the federal government.” If the ObamaCare law said that exchanges could be “established by the state or the federal government,” it would justify the IRS subsidies that Washington has sent to millions of Americans.

The FGA poll found that the President’s solution is incredibly unpopular, even among Democrats.

Only 5% of Republicans, 6% of split ticket voters and 9% of Democrats want Congress to make changes to ObamaCare that only impact those who were receiving ObamaCare subsidies.

Another key finding, everyone, regardless of political affiliation, wants greater flexibility for purchasing. FGA’s CEO Tarren Bragdon believes Congress should pay attention.

“It is telling that those receiving ObamaCare subsidies want more flexibility, greater choice, and to get out of the exchange. Congress needs to listen very closely.”

FGA asked respondents if they would like to allow people to but insurance during the entire year or only during the current 3-month open enrollment periods brought upon by ObamaCare. An astounding 83% percent of enrollees said they wanted the ability to purchase an insurance plan at any time during the year. Those overwhelming majorities held true throughout all political parties.

A full 88% of Republicans would like that flexibility, with 82% of spilt-ticket voters agreeing, and, surprisingly, 78% of Democrats do as well. Nearly 80% of these ObamaCare enrollees in the President’s own party think that a central portion of the law needs to be thrown out.

Again, not a good sign for President Obama.

We’ll break down even more results tomorrow, but here’s a takeaway from both today’s breakdown and what we’ll highlight tomorrow: a majority of ObamaCare enrollees, no matter their political affiliation, support serious changes to ObamaCare should the Supreme Court nullify the subsidies.

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Download full poll and PowerPoint slides below.

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