The Supreme Court will issue a ruling in the landmark King v. Burwell case in the next several months and depending upon where the court lands, it could create drastic problems for the federal ObamaCare exchange.

As the FGA’s own Josh Archambault has explained before, if the Supreme Court justices rule that subsides given to the federal exchange enrollees where “illegal,” and that “the IRS should never have given them out” in the first place, that means the federal subsidies would disappear.

That could have a huge impact in the 34 states that do not have their own exchange.

A new poll by the Foundation for Government Accountability finds that voters in those states that rely on the federal health care exchange think that instead of setting up their own state exchange, Congress needs to clean up the ObamaCare mess they created.

“ObamaCare is a federally-mandated national disaster, and voters don’t want to pay for more of it in their states if the Supreme Court guts ObamaCare’s subsidies scheme. They want action from Washington to clean up its own mess, and they want health care fixes that help everyone, not just people getting subsidies.” said FGA CEO Tarren Bragdon.
The poll found that 63-percent of respondents believe states shouldn’t fix problems created by the Supreme Court’s decision. Instead, 68-percent lay the blame for a crippling decision at the feet of Congress and the IRS, not on their state for refusing to set up a state-based health care exchange.

Many of those polled didn’t find that ObamaCare was helpful. In fact, nearly half of all respondents said that ObamaCare has hurt the nation as a whole, and 37-percent said that the law has hurt themselves or their family.

No matter what their political affiliation, a majority of voters want Congress to make three critical changes to fix ObamaCare:

More Choice. 78 percent of voters want the ability to buy plans available before ObamaCare took effect and Washington dictated they weren’t good enough.
Year-Round Enrollment. 77 percent of voters want to buy health insurance coverage at any time during the year, not just during 3-month windows of open enrollment.
Subsidies that follow people, not just exchange plans. 68 percent of voters want subsidies to be available for all types of health plans, not just plans available on ObamaCare exchanges.
Bragdon appealed to state leaders “to step up and urge Congress to fix the problems it has created for patients and taxpayers across the country.”

He said that “voters don’t want a state-funded exchange, regardless of how the Supreme Court rules, and they don’t want more ObamaCare costs and mandates.” Instead, “they want Congress to make fixes to ObamaCare that help everyone.”
Bragdon noted that, “health care decisions are deeply personal for families,” and that the reforms voters want from Congress “will create more freedom and flexibility, not more Washington control.”

FGA’s detailed poll results can be found here and downloaded below.

Listen to the full audio of FGA’s conference call with Congressman Paul Ryan below.


KvBMemoPoll- Final
Download: KvBMemoPoll- Final
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