Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. That’s particularly true when it comes to the Affordable Care Act.

We have been warning you about the financial issues Americans would have to face once ObamaCare kicked in. Taxpayers should be prepared for the long and difficult winter once the government is left with no choice but to either raise taxes or inflate the dollar to pay for President Obama’s health care law.

For Oregonians, the winter came early.
Amidst reports of Oregon’s failed attempt to maintain its own exchange, which cost the federal government – therefore, taxpayers – over $305 million, the state’s long-time Health Authority director Bruce Goldberg offered his resignation.

OregonLive reported on the issue:

“Goldberg was director of the OHA from 2003 until Dec. 1, 2013. He then took the temporary post of Cover Oregon director, replacing Rocky King, who was suffering health issues. Goldberg remained in that post atop Cover Oregon until March 20, the day his “resignation” was announced.”

On March 18th, Oregon’s Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber came out to claim his resignation had been accepted, but did Goldberg really ever leave?

Local news sources say he hasn’t. As a matter of fact, Goldberg is still cashing a $14,425 check every month, fully covered by Oregon taxpayers. While Gov. Kitzhaber was quick to blame Goldberg for the failures of Cover Oregon, he wasn’t quick to show him the door.

To Oregon taxpayers’ dismay, Goldberg is not sticking around just to offer help during the Cover Oregon director transition; he’ll remain in place at least until July 18th.

The Oregon disaster and the half-truths surrounding Goldberg’s resignation offer a glimpse into the ObamaCare apologists’ mindsets. They continue to deny the many flaws of the Affordable Care Act and carry on like it’s business as usual, oblivious of the suffering they are inflicting on Americans who are losing the coverage they already had, or who are now absolutely unable to afford health care insurance.

Since the day Oregon’s governor accepted his resignation, the same taxpayers who got tricked into supporting the doomed state exchange deal have been forced to cover Goldberg’s salary.

Just another story of waste tied to ObamaCare.

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