ObamaCare Mandate Raising Costs and Penalizing the Poor

March 10th, 2014 / Kristina Ribali / 0 comments

Remember the headlines touting the historic legislation that would provide coverage for all Americans under the Affordable Care Act? Turns out the very people the law was intended to help cannot afford the plans being offered under ObamaCare. Yes, that’s right, the “Affordable Care Act” is unaffordable.

In 2008, even then Senator Obama stated in a debate with Hillary Clinton that mandates don’t work.

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Perverse Incentives In ObamaCare Encourage Less Productivity

February 25th, 2014 / Kristina Ribali / 0 comments

Health care under ObamaCare carries a high price tag, and subsidized private exchanges are encouraging people to do less and allow the government to do more.

The recent CBO report released data which showed as many as 2.5 million jobs could be lost due to ObamaCare. Now reports surface showing people are happily admitting their new career direction: “funemployment.” Yes, that’s right. ObamaCare coupled with our progressive tax code is encouraging more people to do less, earn less, and work fewer hours. For some, it’s even encouraging them to quit their jobs entirely.

Take 51-year-old Karen Willmus from Colorado. She is planning to quit her teaching job at the end of the school year and purchase her health insurance through the Colorado exchange for about $300 a month. She has health benefits through her current employer, but they’re more expensive. Wilmus says she is planning on starting her own business now that she has more freedom to risk her own money.

Sounds great right? Wrong.

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Most Vulnerable Left Waiting in Maine

January 31st, 2014 / Kristina Ribali / 0 comments

The takeaway from this story broadcast on WABI TV5 yesterday in Maine, is expanding Medicaid still will not help the “lost group” of disabled residents currently on a wait list for Section 21 assistance. Lawmakers who are wrestling with possible Medicaid expansion need to recognize that if they choose to expand the current Medicaid program they’ll be giving benefits to able-bodied residents, while still denying access to affordable care for the most vulnerable in their state.

They should instead choose to reform their system as Florida did with Medicaid Cure. It saved the taxpayers millions, and is increasing access to quality, affordable health care for disabled and chronically ill residents.

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Families Hit Hard by ObamaCare Cost Increases

January 30th, 2014 / Kristina Ribali / 0 comments

The broken promises of ObamaCare are becoming too numerous to count. We were told premiums would be lowered by as much as $2500, multiple times in fact President Obama made that promise, as did his allies.

Americans today are experiencing a vastly different reality. I noticed a friend’s recent Facebook post and reached out to her for details. Kelly had just received a new premium quote to cover her family, which includes her husband and their five children, and she was venting about it.

“…If you are a hard working, self employed family with a house full of children then you can get screwed just like us! I am so glad everyone gets healthcare now, OH WAIT! Except for those who opt out and get fined the $95.00 a year because they can’t afford their premiums. I guess they don’t get “affordable” healthcare either. Don’t break a leg folks..or worse…This tirade brought on by the fact that I just got a premium quote of up to $1254.00 a month (not including dental) and I am mad about it.”

That wasn’t the only quote she received, she shopped around. The lowest she could find was over $1,022 a month, and what she didn’t mention in her self described “tirade” is not only is their insurance premium increasing by several hundred dollars a month, their deductible is doubling as well. Their family will now have to meet a $6,350 deductible before insurance kicks in.

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ObamaCare is the Real War on Women

January 28th, 2014 / Kristina Ribali / 0 comments

“I can no longer afford to stay home with my children. ObamaCare is the real war on women. My choice was taken away.”

Only four years ago Michelle had a comprehensive health care plan covering her and her two young children for $181 a month, and a low $500 annual deductible. In 2010 that plan jumped to $700 a month and the deductible doubled. At the end of that same year she was notified her rates were about to increase again, by as much as 60%.

“That’s a mortgage payment for us. My husband’s job provides insurance, but adding me and the kids raises the cost to over $1000 a month. It’s just not doable.”

Michelle and her family live in Oregon. Prices on the individual market have continued to increase, and the plan options available to her have shrunk. Facing her new reality, she had to make the choice to either find a full time job that provides insurance or go without coverage. Today, both her and her husband work full time primarily to afford a plan that carries a $5,000 per child deductible. Like many other working families, they don’t qualify for subsidies under the income guidelines of ObamaCare.

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Has ObamaCare changed the uninsured rate?

January 23rd, 2014 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

Reducing the rate of uninsured was one of the major arguments for ObamaCare. How’s that going? The April 2010 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index survey found the uninsured rate at 15.9 percent. Today in Gallup’s latest survey the uninsured rate stands at 16.1 percent.

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1,000 jobs lost in Michigan thanks to ObamaCare

January 19th, 2014 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

According to a study by Grand Valley State University 1,000 more Michiganders are out of work thanks to ObamaCare. That’s just in western Michigan alone.

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Brosurance Fail

January 16th, 2014 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

Brosurance fail

Remember the “Brosurance” ads released last fall to convince young adults to buy insurance?  Apparently keg stand “bros” are not the best salesmen for ObamaCare.  Only 24 percent of ObamaCare enrollees are under 35 years old, far below the target rate of 39%.

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Losing coverage for first time in decades thanks to ObamaCare

January 14th, 2014 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

CNN Money profiles Jim Brumfield who, thanks to ObamaCare, has lost the health insurance plan he liked. New plans are too expensive and he doesn’t want to buy an exchange plan because he is self-employed and his income fluctuates. It might sound crazy to go without insurance.  But for Jim he could end up owing the […]

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Are people paying for ObamaCare?

January 11th, 2014 / uncoveraca / 0 comments

Today’s Wall Street Journal examines if insurance companies are actually receiving payment for ObamaCare plans.  For many insurance companies more than a third of enrollees have not paid their premiums.  Premiums for insurance coverage that began on January 1st. It’s been pulling teeth,” said Shaun Greene, chief operating officer of Utah-based Arches Health Plan, a startup. […]

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