You haven’t signed up for the Colorado Health Exchange yet, have you?

The gang over at Revealing Politics has a great video that caught the Colorado point person for ObamaCare on camera saying some pretty disturbing things.

Patty Fontneau, the Colorado Healthcare Exchange CEO, spoke at a hearing of a Colorado Legislative Review Committee yesterday, discussing the critical need to get young people to sign up for their state ObamaCare exchange. This is a problem that the White House and other states are facing as well. To make the math work for ObamaCare, young healthy people have to sign up to help pay for the old sick people. That’s been a tough challenge so far.

But don’t worry, Ms. Fontneau has a plan! A creepy, creepy plan: “The Three Ps.” Those three Ps are peer pressure, parental pressure and increased penalties. Because, that sounds like a good idea.

Kelly Maher, Executive Director at Revealing Politics, had this to say about the latest attempt to persuade the young invincibles:

When over a third of a million Coloradans have received health care cancelation notices, and the exchange is failing to sign up the young people needed to keep the system sustainable, they become desperate.

Maybe Colorado saw that hipster ads didn’t help Oregon’s exchange they decided to up the creep factor. Maher replied:

But using and taking the tactics of a stalker, and institutionalizing them in government as an approach is way too far.

Keep an eye on Revealing Politics for more great coverage on this issue and what’s happening in Colorado politics.

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