Las Vegas resident Linda Rolain tragically passed away on Monday after losing her battle against an aggressive brain tumor. Mrs. Rolain was not only a victim of cancer but also a causality of ObamaCare’s enrollment problems.

Rolain signed up for insurance through the Silver State’s ObamaCare exchange, Nevada Health Link, which is run by Xerox and has been plagued by problems, including the delayed availability of insurance. As time progressed, Rolain became a victim of the failing system:

Rolain’s husband, Robert, said the couple began trying to sign up in November, well ahead of the Dec. 15 deadline for January coverage. After wrestling with repeated sign-up problems, the Rolains bought a plan that took effect in March. But they said Xerox staffers miscommunicated the policy’s effective date, so they didn’t know until May that they had coverage.

According to Rolain’s doctor, if she had received treatment even as late as March, she may have lived. However, a local insurance broker said “she had no chance because of the delay.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Rolain is “the first to die of complications from an illness said to have gone untreated for lack of coverage.” But some Nevadans close to her case worry she may not be the last:

“We are worried that this is the first of many Nevadans who have life-threatening issues that may end up in such tragic circumstances. We urge all Nevadans to verify that their insurance is active and in place in light of the many problems that hundreds, if not thousands, of Nevadans have gone through,” Rolain’s law firm, Callister, Immerman and Associates, said in a statement.

Local insurance broker Pat Casale, who in May began to help Rolain with her enrollment issues, said he wouldn’t be surprised if there were at least another 100 Nevadans facing both coverage problems and “urgent and emergent” health care needs.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said earlier this year that, despite “all that good news,” all of the “horror stories” that are being told in relation to the federal health care law are false. But Harry Reid need look no further than his home state of Nevada to see the real, disastrous impact that ObamaCare is having on Americans’ lives: while Linda Rolain’s story is certainly horrific, it is anything but untrue.

We have been documenting the sad stories of countless Americans who are now facing barriers to treatment or medications as a result of ObamaCare, but never before have we seen such a tragic story. The terrible fate of Mrs. Rolain is a stark reminder of the dangerous, unacceptable consequences of the “Affordable Care Act.”

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